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You are on the web site of International Business Law Firm Cancelaria.pl from Poland. This is a good step to start to think of setting up a business in Poland. If you already run your own business in Poland, we will be useful if you want to achieve another goal or solve a specific problem on the territory of Poland.

Therefore, we offer services of law firms expanded with business issues, so services typical of Business Law Firms.

We can also help you in other countries outside Poland. These are the countries where we have our Partners. You can find information on the location of our Partners in other countries on this web page, on the respective map.

We will be useful if you need: examination of law or market, expert's statement or analysis, to run cases in offices, courts etc.

We will find for you a seller or buyer of goods, services, rights, movables and real estate.

We will find partners and locations for your investments in Poland but also contractors for industrial, construction and other investments in your country.
We will find for you good and safe investments in your industry in Poland, as well as Polish companies whose investors/owners you can become and develop their activities.

Thanks to lawyers, experts, managers, entrepreneurs and sales representatives associated in Cancelaria.pl, we will efficiently arrange or open your business in Poland, as well as in other countries where we have our Partners.
Partners associated in our Cancelaria.pl have gained their experience both on clerical posts and in business, in Poland as well as abroad.

On this web page, in the section "Customers" you will find the list of some companies the Partners associated with us worked for. You are also welcome to explore other information included in this page and the map showing the location of the Partners of our Cancelaria.pl

Cooperation with us is characterised by exceptional commitment. It results from the fact that in cases where you are interested in a specific effect of our actions, we offer such form of agreement that our remuneration depends on the achieved success. We can make such a statement because we are sure of the experience and professionalism of the Partners associated with us. We know their achievements and thus we know that they are effective. We also know that they are perfectly familiar with law, market, industries and companies.

Please ask questions in your national language or in English via the Contact Form posted on this web page. Please generally describe the case and specify the way you want us to contact you (e-mail, telephone, meeting). We will gladly answer any questions, without any obligations on your part. We guarantee confidentiality and discretion.

Preliminary, shortened reports and studies are free.
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