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About us

Cancelaria.pl is a classic Business Law Firm associating specialists within the area of Poland and in many countries of Europe and the world.

We support companies from any country in the world which run or intend to run businesses in Poland.

We support Polish companies in their activities in many countries of the world.

We effectively solve problems of companies on the Polish market. We support their development with contacts, our knowledge and knowledge of our experienced Partners.

We offer services of Law Firms expanded with business, so services typical of Business Law Firms. Therefore, we can support your activities both in the field of law as well as in other fields of specialised services. In some cases we are ready to accept the principle that we are remunerated only if we are successful.

The network of our territorial Partners in the world, in Poland and the list of our Partners, rich in professionals - specialists in various industries and specialties, enables us to fulfil the orders of our clients in a competent and effective way. The orders which come from large corporations as well as from small companies. These are private companies, as well as public institutions.
We effectively fulfil complicated orders but also efficiently deliver expert's reports, market research concerning the Polish market and markets of many countries of the world.

On this web page we present you some companies our Partners have worked for. We believe that it clearly demonstrates our potential, their competence and our versatility.
If you wish to send us any questions, please do so via the Contact Form. They can be sent in Polish, in English,  but also in your native language.

We guarantee full confidentiality and discretion.
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